BOTL is a club that was founded as a means for our members to educate themselves and others about brewing beer, ciders and meads. We are all in this hobby as like minded individuals that have a thirst for knowledge and an appetite for an enjoyable time. Most of us are from Holland, MI and the surrounding communities.
We are accepting new members at this time.
For more information about our fine organization please email us at
We meet on the second Thursday of each month at the New Holland Pub. Start time 7 PM.

Please bring 3 bottles of this month's style homebrew that you want to share, OR a different style of your homebrew.
When bringing your homebrew to share, please bring your recipe to tell everyone about your brew.

Styles of each month:
January – Barleywine, Winter Warmer, Strong Ales
February - Belgian/French Ales, Lambics and funky stuff
March – English Ales and Milds
April - Lagers, Kolsch and Hybrids and Alts
May –
Cider, Cysers, Perry and Meads
June - Pale Ale, IPA and Ryes
July – Ambers and Reds
August – Wheat, Wit, Weizens and Fruit Beers
September –
Scottish Ales and Browns
October – Oktoberfest, Pumpkin, and Spiced Beers
November – Stouts and Porters
December – Saturday, Dec. 8 Christmas party, best of cellar and potluck lunch

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Craft Brewing Program To Begin At GRCC

by  Grand Rapids Community College is  looking forward to creating a certificate program in craft brewing. Fiona Hert, dean of GRCC's School of Workforce Development, said the college worked with regional brewers, such as Founders and Perrin, to design the program, which is expected to take students three semesters to complete.
"We have a lot of excitement and support from our area employers in the brewing industry, not only here but also on the Lakeshore," she said. "So we're working with them to develop that curriculum as we speak."
The program would be housed within GRCC's Secchia Institute for Culinary Education, and is expected to launch by winter of 2016. The grant dollars will fund the costs of the program, such as equipment and space, Hert said
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  1. Thanks for sharing the details regarding Craft Brewing Program 2015. It was just great and I am going to attend this year’s Craft Brewing Program too. It is going to be organized at my neighborhood party venue NYC so I would like to attend this event with my wife.